Today we celebrate a fundamental human emotion: the love between a mother and child. But if flowers and a sentimental card are all that interests you this Mother's Day, stop reading now.
In this country and most of the world, preserving the health of mothers and their children requires more than a greeting card. It will take renewed commitment to basic health care practices and fairness.

Kids at risk globally

May 07 2008

Nearly 27,000 infants and children under age 5 around the world die daily - or almost 10 million a year - for reasons as preventable as keeping an infant's head warm.
Inexpensive medical care for such easily treatable diseases as pneumonia and diarrhea could save the lives of millions of children worldwide every year, particularly in poor undeveloped countries, a U.S.-based charity said in a report Tuesday.
Eminent leaders in various scientific fields shared their views on the partnership between academia and industry as well as the ways both the public and private sectors can promote global health at a symposium yesterday afternoon in Dodds Auditorium.

It was a homecoming of sorts: Bill Frist's first time back before Congress since he retired from the U.S. Senate more than a year ago. But more importantly, Frist's return to Capitol Hill on Thursday was a carefully orchestrated campaign to draw attention to a moral and humanitarian concern: reducing child mortality around the world.

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