To nurture your questions and to adequately provide good education about global health, we’ve created briefs on a variety of important issues for which we advocate. The International Affairs Account (150 account), healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies (HTSP), nutrition, and AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria are just a few for which we take a deeper dive in understanding the problem and solutions. We provide that information for you here.

We also have The Mother & Child Project page dedicated to the book we produced with forward by Melinda Gates and preface by Kay Warren. Here you will find access to the book, videos, and links to learn more about the critical issues of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies in the developing world.

Finally, we also have conducted National Survey Research on global health issues of international family planning and nutrition across both the general population and political, religious, social conservatives. We welcome you to explore our briefs and our findings about how the public understands and responds to these global health issues and how we can better message these issues for empathy and action, particularly among faith-based leaders. 

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