In the face of global crises, often one seems overwhelmed. We are moved to provide financial support when we see and learn of tragedy, like an earthquake or a hurricane. However, it's difficult to know where are money is going and who exactly we are assisting.

At Hope Through Healing Hands, we want to assure you that your dollars are going to make change in the world. And we encourage you to support prevention and sustainability. We want to prepare low-income nations with training for health care before the crisis hits. And we need your help.

We want to give one mother the education she needs to bring a child into the world safely.

We want to give one child the chance to live a healthier, better life.

We want to give one father the chance to beat malaria so that he can care for his family.

We are doing this through the hands of our Frist Global Health Leaders who serve in clinics around the world, our emergency relief campaigns, our support of the Tennessee Global Health Coalition, and our awareness and advocacy campaign for maternal, newborn, and child health as well as international family planning through our Faith-Based Coalition for Healthy Mothers and Children Worldwide.

Your dollar can make a difference.

Your voice can make a difference.




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