nursing school in cambodia - 2

Ever wonder where all your textbooks that have been replaced by new editions end up? They might have found their new home at the Asia Institute of Sciences, Cambodia.

On Saturday morning our team was able to visit this highly recognized nursing school. This nursing school provides modern education to hundreds of nurses that are also receiving hands-on training from Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE. The school is an incredible place to observe the rebuilding process of quality education. Cambodia was once a country that valued the importance of education and housed many educated professionals. These individuals were some of the first to be targeted by the Khmer Rouge in order to prevent any organized revolt against the leader, Pol Pot. Since the end of the Khmer Rouge the country has had to begin again, from ground zero, rebuilding their education system in order to produce qualified professionals. The Asia Institute of Sciences, Cambodia is a center point for the development of an educated and well-trained nursing profession.

Our team got to be a small part of the education provided at this school by giving three different key presentations. Our presentation topics included vital signs and physical assessment, SBAR/ report hand off, and hand washing and the six rights of medication administration. The most rewarding part of giving these presentations was the involvement and excitement of the students. This is more than a guest speaker presentation to these students; it is a part of a larger opportunity for these students to have a better life. An education is a valued resource for these students, and it is an opportunity that many Cambodians do not get because of poverty. It was an honor to take a small part in this life changing opportunity for these people.