Traveling throughout Mozambique on the east coast of Africa to Rwanda, Sen. Frist will be chronicling his experiences in a blog with Hope through Healing Hands and other organizations from July 13-22.

While there, he will be visiting HIV/AIDS clinics, orphans and vulnerable children, dignataries, food securities programs, potential waterline sites, primary schools, hospitals, and much more -- telling the good story of Africa in both the private and public sectors.

In Rwanda, he will be joining a host of key political figures and senior advisors with the ONE Campaign, including Cindy McCain, to highlight the opportunity the next U.S. president will have to replicate the successes across the continent.

Executive producer Dick Arlett, formerly from the Today Show, will be capturing footage of this trip for a documentary upon their return to the United States. Daily they will be sending back short videos and photographs of their observations and visits.

Join us here for the next couple of weeks to learn more about what lifesaving initiatives are going on in Mozambique and Rwanda led by the U.S.!