clinic days in Cambodia

Clinic days in Poipet could be described in so many ways; they were heartbreaking, but also filled with joy. After it was all said and done, I think our entire team would agree that we felt like we were trying to fill an ocean with an eye dropper. The people that we saw at these clinics had many more health care needs than we could possibly take care of with our mobile clinic. These people need clean water, better housing, and long term health care. Yes, the health care, physical therapy, medications, and education that our team provided does benefit these people, but our eyedropper only made a small puddle in their lives. At the end of each of these clinic days I could not help but to think of all the patients that we saw, how much I wish we could create an ocean in one day. I had to remind myself that even a small amount of water can help flowers grow and create beautiful change. I think that our team should see our work in a different manner. I think we can all say that we were the raindrops in a storm. Yes, we were a brief two day storm, but working together we caused a flood that helped to grow the seeds that had been planted before us. My hope is that we have helped to develop some beautiful changes and that the people that we have seen have felt our storm of love and compassion.