I was a world away, in more ways than one.  "Sa-wat-dee ka" cheered 60 preschoolers in Bangkok, Thailand, when I walked into the classroom.  I had only briefly been their teacher, but we had already forged such a bond that I knew I would not want to leave when my four weeks there expired.  During those four weeks, I worked tirelessly to communicate with those students as they struggled to grasp what I was teaching.  I was forced to think back to the early stages of my education and utilize some of the teaching methods that helped me learn when I was young.  These new creative alternatives met with smashing success, and even though my students may not currently understand the importance of the basic English I taught them, I hope that in the future they will enjoy greater opportunities thanks to the foundation I laid during those four weeks.  During this trip I realized that no matter what language they speak, what religion they practice, or what color their skin, the basic needs and desires of all people are the same.  Thanks to this trip through Cross Cultural Solutions, I realized that the education of tomorrow's leaders is critical for promoting unity and peace in the global community.