Week 3: By week number three we felt comfortable in Cambodia; we were starting to pick up on some of the language; we were making new friends…. But we were also starting to feel a little bit home sick. But by the time we departed, I can honestly say I was sad to go back to our materialistic lives in America. I cannot WAIT to have the opportunity to go on another mission trip. 

05/28/18- 05/29/18.  Both of these days were spent doing almost 200 well-child visits. While most of the school children were healthy, we did find some runny noses and ear infections. It was a wonderful learning experience getting to assess so many kids. But the days did grow long and we started to grow a little home sick. 10 days of clinic is a lot, but WOW, I have learned so much on this trip. 

5/31/18.  Today we visited the Shinanhouk hospital, which reminded me of description of hospitals during World  War 1. The hospital has two units: one post-op and one medical unit. Both were large single un-air conditioned rooms with beds arranged throughout.  Although there were no privacy curtains separating the beds, the patients were cared for by nursing staff and family members. I learned that the nurses make about $20/ 12 hour shift, which is considered a strong salary in Cambodia. We enjoyed hearing our peer pharmacy students share recent updates related to diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and creatinine clearance values. 


Surrounded by Cambodian school children.

Overall, this was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I will forever be changed as a human, a Christian, and a health professional because of the experiences and learning that occurred in Cambodia. Without Hope Through Healing Hands, I would not have been able to afford this experience. I am grateful. I cannot wait to continue serving around the world through medical mission work throughout my life.