Today is a day to celebrate. Since the inception of PEPFAR, over 2 million people have been treated in Sub-Saharan Africa, and over ten million have received care. We are fighting the battle to stop the spread of AIDS across the globe.

Thanks to you, American taxpayers and your dollars, through PEPFAR and the Global Fund.

We should stop and take a moment to celebrate the amazing work of service providers, churches, NGOs, health care workers, our government, and other grassroots mobilizers who stand on the frontlines of this fight. Together, we have made a difference in the lives of millions.

But it is a day to mourn as well. Over 2 million people will have died this year from HIV/AIDS this year alone--worldwide. And over 7400 people are infected daily. For every one person begun on antiretroviral treatment today, there are 4 other persons who are newly infected! Also, for every one person diagnosed with HIV infection, here are 10 others with the infection who don't know they have it. There is much work to be done.

Join us today as we support The RED Campaign's new initiatives with Starbucks and RED (WIRE). By choosing to purchase something as simple as cup of coffee or a subscription for your favorite music, you can save lives with a contribution to the Global Fund.

Over 2009, Hope through Healing Hands will be funding graduate students in medicine, nursing, and public health-Global Health Scholars-to provide service, training, and research in underserved areas in order to bolster support in health care in the forgotten corners of the world.

Join us in promoting peace through health this holiday season.

Stay with us in the fight.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Bill Frist, M.D.