Milca Nunez Project HOPEMany things have happened since the last reporting period. We have been able to facilitate more health education discussions for Proyecto Alerta Joven, which has been one of my favorite activities to do. We did a short course on values and how they are interrelated with occupations, like responsibility and honesty.

In addition, we conducted several classes on sexuality and the human anatomy of the reproductive organs. We discussed menstruation and fertilization, and we also talked about ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD’s. I could tell the students were interested in learning, since they are all adolescents and these topics are rarely brought up.

Another discussion we had was about responsible parenting. We went over the statistics that state how teenage pregnant mothers and their babies experience medical and social risks compared to those who are over 20 years of age. The point was to make the case that being a parent at such a young age has a number of negative consequences, and therefore, they should wait for the appropriate time.

Another interesting event that we attended was a mass in the first cathedral in the Americas that was raising awareness on mental diseases and disabilities. Many doctors and nurses along with other healthcare organizations attended the service and spoke on topics related to mental health. I had never attended a mass, and it was such a nice experience to attend one that incorporated a public health component.

Milca Nunez Project HOPEAt the Project HOPE office, we learned about the sustainability of the clinics and all the numbers they require in order to maintain it. Our preceptor explained how they keep track of patients and services monthly and yearly. That was something I was curious about, so I am glad we went over that.

During the last two weeks, I have designed a promotional brochure intended to recruit donors for Project HOPE, as requested by our preceptor. I was glad to work on something that would support the organization not just on the short term, but also the long term. I have also developed another brochure that includes all the services the clinics provide. It is to be distributed around the community to bring in more patients and increase access to primary healthcare.

These past couple of days, we designed certificates of completion and “multiplicadores” (facilitators) for Proyecto Alerta Joven. The first cohort will be graduating from the program, since they have gone through all the modules required. Those who choose to be facilitators will have a certificate to reward them. There will be a mini-ceremony where they will be presented to them. Again, I am glad we could make something for the organization that could be used as long as they wish.