We serve a God that serves the nations. I find it so out-of-this-world that I can travel millions of miles and meet people that serve the same God that I do. I find it remarkable that I can meet people that feel the closeness and realness of God's love, even when faced with poverty and despair.

On Sunday…


Our group was able to attend a church service at Phnom Pehn Church of Christ. It was a beautiful service, where praise songs were sung in Khmer and in English. The worship alone was the perfect representation of how God’s passion and love for us has no barrier. The church sermon was about seeking connections and encouraging our peers.The pastor stated that in order to encourage others we must:

1. Give time

2. Be humble and open our hearts

3. Praise others before ourselves

4. Speak the truth in love

This rings so true in my heart. My ultimate mission in this trip is to spread the love that I feel in my heart. We are all humans that need love, compassion, and encouragement. We all must know that we have a mission, that our purpose here is greater, and it can be achieved.

On Monday…

we traveled 6 hours in a bus to Battambang. This was not your average miserable bus ride. We had an incredible trip, and once again it was a beautiful reminder that our God has no limits. As we traveled through the country of Cambodia we sang worship songs; it was incredible to me that 9 American girls and 2 Cambodian men knew almost all of the same worship songs. We all come from different backgrounds, histories, and families but we were all in the same place, worshiping the same God together.