After over 30 hours of traveling from America to Phnom Pehn, my first day in Cambodia is nearing its end.

First thoughts: Everyone was not lying when they said it is HOT! Once I stepped off of the plane and into the gate entrance leading into the airport, I was greeted with the warm, muggy air. Once our group had made it through customs, gathered our luggage, and headed outside to meet our bus drivers the fiery heat hit us like a brick wall. Even though the heat will take some getting use to, I am overjoyed to finally be in Cambodia.

first day in cambodia

As a group we took a short city walk through the capital city Phnom Pehn. I was overwhelmed with the change in scenery. From the busy, crowded, and moto filled streets to the multiple architectural influences of the buildings, there was a lot to take in. As an ER nurse, I found the lack of organization and regulation of street traffic terrifying. On our way to the hotel from the airport, our group saw only one traffic light. The rules of the road are purely based on how assertive the driver is. There are also multiple people riding on motos without helmets and some even carrying their kids on their hip while driving. I wince as I watch the traffic go by, only thinking of the dangers of car accidents and trauma.

The Cambodian individuals that we have met so far are kind-hearted and welcoming. They are helpful and very patient with us as we try to communicate.