There was an exciting activity going on throughout the whole week! It is called Munzy Kids Holiday Club. This five-day long event gathered nearly 200 children from kids in the community, most of them are from shack area like Mshenguville and Mayibuye. Without education background of leadership, our Thoughtful Path director Betty, a local woman, is naturally an excellent leader. She ordered healthy food from local market, organized dozens of housewives making lunches for kids (food are different every day, included meat, veggies, and fruit), also summoned 20-ish high school/college students volunteering as teacher during the events. At the preparation meeting, those young teachers expressed all kinds of ideas of how to play with kids and make them happy. Sara, Abi, Dephane (other volunteers) and me just gave them a few suggestions on adding possible health education stuff into their entertaining ideas, they quickly figured them out and made some fun entertainments. For example, everyday there was a health topic, for Monday, topic is personal hygiene, teachers taught kids simple songs singing how to wash hands, how to use toothpaste. I was with one of the teacher all day, just in case the teacher didn’t express things clear. I am surprised that most kids can speak and understand English, and sometimes ask questions teachers can’t answer. A lovely girl kept asking me how I can escape from a firing housing if it has not door or window, and insisted this type of house exists.  


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At a Wednesday night, we attended a leadership graduation ceremony. The Thoughtful Path created eight hubs promoting overall health status in Munsieville, and all hub leaders were in a leadership academy receiving 3 months long leadership training courses.  That night was an exciting moment for hub leaders; they were officially approved by Project HOPE UK and can work in field. Some of them I already know during the Munzy Kids Holiday Club, really looking forward to work with them!

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