June 22, 2010

Frist Global Health Leaders Arrive in Zambia

Two Lipscomb College of Pharmacy Students Send Their First Impressions of Namwalia, Zambia

Global Health Leaders Brittany Latimer and John Deason arrived in Zambia last week. This is Brittany's first time in Africa, and this is John's first time outside the United States. Though both are dealing with a touch of culture shock in Namwianga, Zambia, they report a warm welcome at the local church, a fun time with kids over food and dancing, and a challenge with the local clinic to understand how best they can translate their knowledge of clinical care given the limited resources available for the patients.

We invite you to read their blogs and see their photos!

Brittany Latimer
21 June 2010: Arriving in Zambia: Understanding Health Care Limitations in Namwianga

John Deason
21 June 2010: Sunday Morning Church and a First Look at the Clinic: John Deason in Zambia

Water=Hope Campaign at Darien Lake and Philadelphia: End of the First Leg of the Tour with Impressive Results!

Philly Vols 

Brande Jackson is keeping us up to speed with blogs and photos from each stop on the tour. We are excited to see the numbers of volunteers continue to increase as well as the new members and donations! We had our best night ever in Philly -- with wonderful volunteers, fans, and activists. Read the blog:

22 July 2010: Water=Hope at Darien Lake and Philly: Bringing the First Leg of Tour to a Close!

We need your donations. Donate today to Water=Hope Campaign. We will be using your dollars to build wells around the world, and we will be announcing which countries those wells in which those wells will be built in the next few days.

Follow the Water=Hope crew and volunteers on the road on our Facebook page.


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