January 25, 2010

King's Hospital: Physicians helping physicians

by Bill Frist, M.D.

Just after our arrival at the Port au Prince airport, I met a volunteer medical team on the tarmac. They had supplies, but they were stranded at the airport with nowhere to go. They were awaiting UN directions and approval to leave.

We had just gotten off our plane and they saw my Samaritan's Purse hat and asked for help. We only had one truck so I told them I'd just received an email from King's hospital and that they were in dire need of help.

I said I would postpone our departure from the airport to have our truck take them immediately to King's hospital if they were willing. They were dropped off...

And then today, I received an email of thanks from the physicians Sylvia Campbell and Jeanne David. They noted that in the midst of all the sadness and pain there was hope - exemplified by the baby they delivered on the steps of the hospital immediately after they arrived.

This is just one story of hope and the fortuitous opportunity we had to help these women save the lives of many that day.