Crisis of the Decade: "A Children's Famine"

Mother of 5

Over 11.6 million people lack access to food and water right now in the horn of Africa. Millions are pouring out of Somali, if they can, to refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. It is a complicated crisis attributed to the widespread drought, rise in food prices, and lack of sufficient support from international donors. Somali conflict creates a security issue for many aid agencies to provide for those inside the country.

Senator Bill Frist, MD will be traveling with Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden to visit refugee camps in East Africa in the coming week. We will post blogs with photos, videos, and immediate news from this trip. Frist will have a firsthand look at the famine crisis as well as the efficacy of the aid agencies on the ground.

How can you help?

Save the Children and UNICEF have been our first chosen beneficiaries as they are leading service providers in the Horn of Africa for health, nutrition, and water for victims of the famine. More beneficiaries will be chosen as donations continue to the fund. Stay apprised on Our Beneficiaries page.

Advocacy: Add Your Name to a Petition. Ask World leaders to urgently provide the full funding that the UN has identified as necessary to help people in the Horn of Africa, and please keep your promises to deliver the long term solutions which could prevent crises like this from happening again.

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